Automotive, Parcel & Baggage


Achieving results. The foundation on which PROLANN has built its reputation. Since 1992, Prolann’s team of professional and experienced system designers & detailers have worked within the automotive, courier, parcel & baggage material handling sectors.

Prolann’s business started as a detail engineering company, providing shop fabrication and field installation drawings to original equipment manufacturing conveyor companies. Our extensive knowledge of conveyor system types from a detailed perspective gives Prolann a distinct advantage and differentiates us within the material handling engineering community.

Prolann develops, designs and details systems to greatly improve and enhance product flow and material handling efficiency. Cost, ease of maintenance, space utilization and durability are some of the key elements that are considered in each and every system we develop.

Located in the center of North America’s industrial heartland, most of our designers come from the very market sectors we work with. This hands-on experience allows them to recognize not only the value and limitations of a particular design, but it assists them in the implementation of a new system to ensure it is installed properly and economically.

Prolann always brings a highly objective vantage point to the project. We become an extension and part of your team, taking into account your company’s very specific requirements, then blending in best practices from the broad market sectors that we work within.

Each component of the project is evaluated on its merits, and selected for its suitability for a specific application, maximizing production and technical performance.

We make it our business to achieve total customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our commitment to a quality certification program. In 1998, Prolann received its accreditation as an ISO 9001 company and our Quality Policy reflects our continuous improvement philosophy.

Flexibility. Innovation. Reliability. Service. Training. These are the cornerstones of our commitment to excellence that have made PROLANN one of the premier, independent systems designers in the material handling industry. Our quality statement remains the focus of our commitment to our clients.

“To provide expertise with error free systems design to our customers for flawless manufacturing, assembly, and installation.

To provide continuous improvement to Prolann Group’s customer standards, quality, reliability, and schedules.”