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Let us help you
reach a higher level.

Whether you’re looking for support throughout the full course of a project or assistance in specific areas, PROLANN is here to help you reach the destination. Working closely with original equipment manufacturers, airports and airport architects, we develop concepts and precise installation drawings based on approved concepts and our clients specific standards and requirements.

They say the devil is in the details. We like to think the difference is in the details. That’s why our renderings are engineered with precision and total focus on process improvement. This includes plans, elevations and cross sections of the entire conveyor system, complete with support systems from truss clamps, headers, hangers, sills, floor supports and overall super-structure development with access and maintenance platforms. Non-standard conveyor equipment can also be designed and detailed as well, including safety barriers, platforms, stairs and ladders specific to each area.

The bottom line: we provide peace-of-mind with baggage handling systems that operate exactly as they should.


• 3D Modelling:
– BHS conveyor path development
– Sills and rods placement
– Header placement and structural design
– Catwalk placement
– Develop concept proposals/sketches up to install ready models
– Develop new CAD blocks or use blocks from customer supplied library

• 2D Sheet Work (from 3D models):
– BHS plan views
– Elevation/section views
– Sill layouts
– Header layouts
– Catwalk layouts
– Point load layouts
– Bill of Material

• Engineering calculations:
– Calculate sill loads
– Header loads
– Point load reactions on building steel
– All documented for review
– Calculations and drawings ready for stamping
– Stamping available in some states and provinces

• Field Services:
– On site inspection/measurement of existing conditions
– “as-built” verification
– 3D laser scanning
– Engineering support during install