We understand the dynamics of parcel handling systems because of our experience in the industry. This gives Prolann the edge when it comes to delivering the most effective solutions for your specific application.

Prolann Group, Inc. Innovative, Detailed, Analytical, Team players. Experienced in the field of package handling systems for the parcel delivery market. No one understands the need to increase throughput, reduce costs, increase efficiencies or implement systems consolidation better than Prolann.

From a manual system right through to full automation. Prolann will design a system that will maximize your capital, deal effectively with your floor space, and incorporate the needs of your most valuable resource – your people.

Project objectives are developed in tandem with our clients. The optimum result of this partnership comes from keen understanding of your specific goals and applications. From this Prolann will develop the concepts for your sortation systems, create installation layouts, provide fabrication drawings if required or develop and execute bid packages. The end result? Complete execution of your project with a view to exceeding your expectations.

Whether your company requires fine tuning of its current systems, or requires a new plan, design or solution, ask for Prolann. Working with business to build the right systems from the ground up.