We specialize in the development of systems for the automotive materials handling industry.

Whether it is a manual, mechanized or automated system, we can design an efficient program that will best suit your process requirements.

Prolann Group, Inc. We take the guess work out of material handling systems. That’s because we employ one of the most experienced teams of material handling specialists in the industry. Detailers, designers, project leaders and project managers will combine their years of talent and expertise gained from working with some of the industry largest companies. And we’ve developed systems for some of the most sophisticated users of automotive conveyors and material handling systems in North America.

With Prolann as a part of your team, your company’s next conveyor system project may include system layouts, flow studies, system loading, field checks, speed and horse power calculation, chain-pull and torque requirements, and more. We’ll complete the assembly, shop detail and installation drawings for the entire system. Each project element will be delivered on time and with the detail that you require.

Whether your company requires fine tuning of its current system or requires a new plan, design or solution, ask for Prolann. Working with business to build the right systems from the ground up.